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Standalone Colorizer Editor for F# Deep Colorizer VS Extension

If you are loving and learning F# like me, you may know about the awesome F# Deep Colorizer VS Extension implemented by Brian McNamara.The extension uses background colorization of the Visual Studio's Code Editor to show the “control flow depth” of F# code. This project is about a small standalone tool which helps create color scheme and update it to the registry so that the extension will read and turn it into color adornments in the editor.  I stole some code from Brian's quick implementation of Standalone editor. :)


1. First you need to install the extension from here. For more info, Please read Brian's post. After installing the extension, the F# code editor will be like this.

gray scale





















2. You can create new color scheme in the ColorizerEditor. Choose the rectangle in the right pane and select the color in the left pane for the selected rectangle. Please see the following screenshot.





















3. If you want to see immediate affect after creating your desired color scheme, you can click on the Apply Button Apply Button and go back to Visual Studio, close the opening F# code files and reopen them again. If we apply the above color scheme, we will get like this.





















Last but not least, I am very much thankful to Brian for creating such an excellent extension. It makes my F# learning journey more fun!


[Note: I used ColorPicker control from WPF SDK samples. More info at]

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